Day 6: Sailing Day

Today was work, but ended beautifully. We ran the engine to exit Middelfart harbor, then that was it- rare. Check the position update for a killer speed profile in the afternoon- averaging near 6 knots people, do you know what that means?! The fastest I saw on the GPS display was 8.4!

Pics to come in the morning, we are Lyø, an amazing little harbor, tied along side some Germans, despite strong forecasts for today and tomorrow, we made it 36 nm to get here, and now Æroskøbing is only 18 miles away…

Saw a dead seal on the beach, did not take a picture.


Update: pictures, lots of ’em. The stones are a neolithic grave/bell tower called a bell stone (klokkesten). You hit it with other rocks, and it sounds like a bell, go figure.

3 thoughts on “Day 6: Sailing Day”

  1. i’m in haddam and becca is visiting and we are looking at the new pictures. we miss you so much!! but the pics are beautiful. we love the fields.

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