Where did Rini go? (2010)

Where did Rini go? Copenhagen to Copenhagen, traveling anti-clockwise, in just about 15 days.:

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  1. Thunderstorms “after” arival being the key word; Great pics, but I won’t believe you about the dolphins until there’s a pic of one posted too!

    1. We have about 50 shots of water at this point, all dolphin attempts (and yes, there is a brown whale in the area of about 1.5 meters- apparently the whales are slow to rise, the dolphins more quick and playful).

      I’m confident we’ll get one!

        1. Thanks Ole! Saving us the research. I feel terrible, I didn’t take pictures of them, but there were two D22’s at Middelfart, Nemo and Genie. There’s one here at Ærøskøbing too, will head to that pier and take a good look around this morning.

          To anyone else wondering about this helpful comment- check http://blog.drabant22.dk read about Ole’s passion for the Drabant 22.


          1. I forgot to mention- not a single dolphin/whale sighting yesterday. It could be our location, it could have been the ugly seas.

  2. Beautiful photos! How about some video of the dophins? Really- looks like a spectacular trip. Thanks for sharing along the way.

  3. What an amazing trip! I had no idea you had planned to be out for so long. Beautiful sunset pics. Interesting interactions along the way, with people and sea life. Looks like you’ll make it back just in time. Be safe! Love you guys!

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