Day 7: Ærøskøbing

When does 18 = 24? When you’re sailing…

Ærøskøbing was kind of the big goal of this trip- and we have made it. Today was killer, 2m seas, wind straight from the SE, our direction of travel. Another work day, buckets, nay, troughs of water over the boat and us, but it’s beautiful here (I forgot the camera on our walk to the beach for a swim, whoops).

There is a beach, a real one. It’s got sand, and water, and little huts.

Position updated, of course. and pics to come.

4 thoughts on “Day 7: Ærøskøbing”

  1. You’ve got the whole family enjoying your trip from afar. Proof of dolfins needed w/out crazy climbing of mast while doing 9n. Thanks-mom.

  2. Pictures of dolphins would be good, but how about some couple pictures. Seriously, from the photos posted, Catie appears to be sailing solo.

    Keep up the great posts!

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