Day 22, Copenhagen

We made it back to our berth in Svanemøllen after 22 days. 630 nautical miles at about 5 miles per hour. Yes we could have done it faster but it wouldn’t have been as fun.

We had a porpoise play with Clan again just outside Hornbeck after leaving Gilleleje. Doing about 6 knots, it came from behind and hovered, disappeared under, and jumped from the water on either side several times. I was hoping it had chosen Clan as an adopted parent, but alas there’s been no sign of the thing here in the harbor.

Our last sail was going along fine until a squall came up and bit me in the face. W winds (from the shore, no seas what so ever) went from 7 m/s to 11 m/s in about a minute. We didn’t get the sails reefed in time, and to avoid a knock down we let the jib fly. That led to two large knots in the jib sheets, and I stupidly ran forward to try to clear them without trying to reduce sail first. One of the sheets slapped me right in the eye, quite a shock. I’m fine, I can see, and there’s no black eye even. Another little lesson learned on the very last day.

We stopped home to pick up the mail, an apartment now feels uncomfortably large. It’s confusing. The boat for all it’s troubles and maintenance is a very simple place to live. The weather is too nice, so we’re pushing off the move home until it’s absolutely necessary.

Yesterday we helped Andres move his lovely Folkebåd into place and get an automatic bilge pump wired up. As he said to us yesterday, “It won’t sink today”. Tomorrow though?! Just maybe. I’ve got a good excuse to stay at the harbor, I have to keep an eye on old “Cacharette”.

One thought on “Day 22, Copenhagen”

  1. I love this “The biggest mistake of my life” – would be a perfect boat name, despite the fact that this might be the truth.:)
    We probably all have to go through this procedure of realisation…
    Greetings from another “mistake” that is still on land and pretty far away from salt water yet.

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