I forgot to mention that on the trip from Laesø to Anholt, running in building seas, we saw a porpoise swimming down a wave straight for us. It passed very close to our stern, swam along side for a bit without surfacing, and was gone.

Today we had perfect conditions for getting away from Anholt. Almost no seas to speak of, 5-7 m/s WSW winds. We made 5 to 6.5 knots all day long, and crossed the shipping routes no problem.

Just as we were considering the day closed, I was half dozing, when a porpoise surfaced, nearly jumping out of the water less than 2 meters from us along side. It quickly dove under, popped up on the starboard side and surfaced again. The same thing once more, out of the water, under, back to the other side. It was startling and amazing. For a few moments, Clan had a friend in the water.

We are 32nm from home, in Gilleleje: Where is Clan?

One thought on “Porpoises”

  1. Hi cate and Ben

    You are amazing. What an incredible adventure you have shared. Can’t wait to hear all the details

    So glad you’re close to home

    Talk to you soon. Can’t wait to see you

    Love mom and dad

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