We made it to Odde, and have just 4.5 miles to go to get past the tip of Sjælland.

As Gilles warned us, and we found out, Westerlies. They actually weren’t so bad, the sea was still down, it was a beautiful day for motoring! Rini got the best bath she’s had in two years, including soap, the works- it turns out you can make teak look good without oiling it, you just scrub the green moss off of it. A little uncomfortable motoring around 4 miles off shore, but best two days of weather we’ve had in 3 years. (Catie says, “It’s true.”)

I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw a dolphin about 20m off the starboard side. But today- two more sightings, one of them surfaced twice about 2 to 3m off the boat, it was eerie and lovely. No pictures of course.

Position updated.


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