Day 15: Home.

15 days, 14 cities/towns, done. We are home, the place smells disgusting (Lars doesn’t seem to mind), and the plants are dead. Whatever.

I was asking Catherine just this morning- how come there are no seals in the Oresund? Answer: there are. Not five minutes after posing the question, seal sighting, picture achieved. This just along side the Copenhagen airport. Who knew?

We also saw a U.S. flagged vessel this morning right after leaving the harbor, it was fun. They were checking us out with binoculars, we could see them in their pilot house, then they stepped out back for a hearty wave (we fly the U.S. flag under our spreader to indicate American crew, a birthday gift last year from friends). That’s a pretty rare occurrence around here.

GPS track is done, somehow it includes the leg from our apartment to the harbor too. 371 nautical miles, at around 4.5 miles an hour, judging from the speed profile.

Maybe I’ll work out a trip summary and a few choice pictures later.


3 thoughts on “Day 15: Home.”

  1. Well done guys, amazing trip really.
    As for seals they need to have quiet resting places but I guess saltholm should do them. Nice to have spotted one so close to CPH.
    Have a good rest, you must be knackered!

  2. Wow!!!
    I haD not idea of this trip. You are crazy! how you dare to leave Lars alone for 15 days???!!!
    I am really impresed, this is a true adventure. When I get home (i am at the office now, sssshhh) I will look at the photos… cant wait
    Miss you here in NYC

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