Day 14: Quick skip across Køge Bugt

A bit of open water, first thing in the morning, with a solid 10+ kt wind. 17nm in 3.5 hours, no trouble, though they do grow some whoppers out there. We’re spending the day & night at Dragør, which is practically Copenhagen, just on the other side of the airport, and about a 1 hour bus ride home. It’s vacation, so we stay. It’s practically a miracle anyway that we were able to get the weather forever going our way, and timing a 14 day sail nearly perfectly. Glad we didn’t take the day off at Ærøskøbing, Ristinge was amazing and who knows what would have happened if we tempted fate.

Position Uppppdated.

Oh yeah, and here’s some pics from the last two days. More unbelievable weather and great sunsets.


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