Day 4, Ballen to Bogense, Fyn!

Shortest day yet, had some rain, some low wind, choppy seas but nothing terrible.  There’s a fiskehuset with an all you can eat buffet which was tops.  We finally got a pic of another seal, staring again, and saw either a dolphin about 2m off the boat or what we’ve been told is actually a very small brown whale.  We’ll have to research.

Spain won.

Position updated.


7 thoughts on “Day 4, Ballen to Bogense, Fyn!”

  1. You re making very good progress, amazing! Going very fast!
    If you re going for the fredericia strait, you ll have the stream with you as from 12h00, and win in you back so you should be flying. Turning ESE at the end of the day though!

    1. You couldn’t have been more correct!

      Wind at the back, broad reach, heavy gusts but no seas since it’s very narrow. Dolphins were jumping all over, literally thought we were going to hit them- 1m, less from the bow.

      Catie had the helm, brought us to Middelfart at 6.5 knots through the bottom end of the straight, Fanøsund.


  2. Nice seal. All you can eat buffet does indeed sound tops. Good luck out there.

    Is this the new wordpress 3 default theme?

  3. Looks like a great trip so far! Glad to see proof of the seal because I totally didn’t believe you. This sunset photo with all the boats is amazing!

  4. Yo Tara! I was convinced there would be nay-sayers on our seal sightings, so I was really happy to get that pic. The sunsets have been great, but we’re sitting inside now (at harbor) waiting for a nasty storm to roll-out, so probably no more sunsets for the rest of the trip, given our past sailing luck.


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