We are back in Denmark. The harbor is absolutely packed, boats stacked 10 and more deep with a birds nest of stern anchors. We learned from a waiter last night that it’s “Hellerup Week”. For those not in the know, Hellerup is a posh suburb just north of Copenhagen where only the wealthiest set root. Some of them then join together on a showy trip to Skagen during one particular week of the high holidays in order to make merry for themselves and “I’m on a boat!” blaring nuisance for others.

We crossed from Lysekil to Skagen yesterday, in no wind, with a 1.5 to 2.5 knot northerly (against us) current. It was a painful, 10h43m engine and nerves test, but we passed even before the sun set. Position has been updated on the ever increasing google maps plot.

We came across a dying bird, floating, wounded somehow, out in the middle of the crossing. It was an interesting view into what a lonely death at sea might be like. Not exactly pretty, but almost?

Today is a “gale-day”, 20m/s winds, lounging, and an oil change for the engine. Tomorrow we try for Laesø, though strong winds are expected once again.

Rainbow from Skagen

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