Day 12: Kalvehalv

We wanted to go further, but the day just wouldn’t have us.

Not that we’re complaining. We’re in Kalvehalv, position has been updated.

The day started out lovely, almost too much wind, among the first to leave the harbor at 8:30, and made good time to Vordingborg.

After that, there were currents directly opposite, winds (and not much of them) directly behind. We spent some time mired in weeds to the point we couldn’t quite steer correctly and the engine was struggling. Once free of the weeds, it was max speed 2.5kt with the engine full bore, lovely way to spend an afternoon- but again, definitely not complaining. I just bottomed two icy cold Grøn Tuborgs, and we’re off to re-fuel.


One thought on “Day 12: Kalvehalv”

  1. too bad for the current. This is definitely one we kind of forgot to take into consideration before but that play a very big role. You might want to check also the timing for rounding dragor’s tip. South easterlies it is for tomorrow (wednesday)so ok direction wise, but forecasted gusty (8-11 m/s) as from 09h00 until 14h00. Current looks good as from 13h00 (full south) increasing to over 1kn as from 14h00.
    For the weeds around the keel some people use a rope wrapped around the sides of the boat to scrub off the weeds (but not sure how to do it with Rini’s type of keel). Otherwise navigate in reverse for a while to get rid of some or go have a bath (it will do you good anyway :-)).
    Wish your good winds for the last leg.

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