Day 11: Last easy day, Omø to Femø

Pics to come later, there’s good internet here but now we’re low on batteries, have to wait for the harbor master to turn on power sometime around 19:00.

The day was brilliant again. Gusting probably near 15kt, we made great speed over hear on beam & broad reach the whole morning. Big waves, but bearable.

Tomorrow we push for a long day, need to make some ground to make in home in time for Catie’s family arriving Friday morning.

Position updated, of course.


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Last easy day, Omø to Femø”

  1. Hi Ben and Cate,

    What a trip, and adventure to share! I am amazed and give you so much credit! The pictures are incredible, and it is so nice to see that you had some nice weather this trip! Can’t wait to see you. Don’t do anything crazy to get back in time! See you soon, and hear all about the trip! Love, Mom and Dad

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