Day 8: No rest. (updated with pics)

The sun was simply not cooperating, so we left Ærøskøbing, and headed south east.

How to describe the day? We had perfect sailing conditions right down a narrow channel, between a litany of bouys, a navigators delight.

We head for Ristinge, little known to us to be “Denmark’s smallest harbor”. How do you know you’re in Denmark’s smallest harbor? First, you run aground. Second, the man who tows you off the ground immediately suggests you go ask ‘that guy coming in’ for fresh shrimp, because he will have them. After having cooked the shrimp, you ask a local how best to peel them, at which point they call over another local to consult. The remedy- head over here to this table, I’ll get some beer, and we will show you.

The locals’ kids then took it upon themselves to fish for mussels- successfully. They swim, fish, we drink, and eventually, after the kids go on a beer run, we cook the mussels aboard Rini. Three children absorb the utilitarian beauty that is Rini while you cook their catch, the sun sets, mussels are done, shrimp and mussels eaten, and so on.

What a day.

We took a walk to the new beach before all this happened, and pictures will follow.


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